TOMS has ballet flats!!

a pair of pink ballet flatsEarlier this month, TOMS came out with their new line of ballet flats. They are suuuuper cute, and are supposed to be as comfortable and dependable as their regular line. Yay! Now I really can wear TOMS to work! My favorites are the Natalia Rose Linen, the Gisele Gray Suede leopard print, and the Alessandra Burlap flats.

The reviews are overall very positive, although it seems they run at least a half size too big. Nordstrom will start carrying them in March, so fans will be able to try them on in person soon.

Unfortunately, they are so popular that a lot of sizes are currently sold out. There are plenty of sizes available, though, so check them out!!


  1. alas..for me, the rather giant label right on the back takes these well out of ‘work wear’…and into only on the weekends…..pity because the styling is cute.

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