Cool Travel Plug Adapter from TravelSmith

As you know, I am always on the lookout for cool new gadgets that make travel easier. During my perusal of the latest TravelSmith catalog (always a fun time!) I found a very cool travel plug adapter. It’s an adapter/converter, and includes a built in USB port for an extra way to charge all of those devices. The four most common plugs (the ones used in 150 countries) are also included. Plus, it’s small, so will save space. Very handy!

Readers, where do your favorite travel gadgets come from?

Don’t forget–contest coming next week!!!


  1. My husband had this and he loved it at first, but on his recent trip to England the USB port stopped working. It was still useful for the regular plug, but he was bummed to lose the USB because he had budgeted his charging configuration to include using it for the iPhone. Hopefully it was an isolated incident & they aren’t prone to going out on a regular basis.

  2. Actually, a lot of devices are dual voltage these days, so a converter isn’t needed. Curling irons, computers, USB chargers are all dual voltage. You only need an adapter plug for them.
    The big concern is surge protection for countries that have electricity spikes(or you are running off of a generator). If you are concerned about spikes then you need a mini surge protector.
    For normal travel you only need an adapter plug and maybe a USB charger.
    For USB, I use the Lenmar dual USB:
    The adapter plug, the dual USB charger, and a couple of cords (smartphone, micro USB) are all that I carry.

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