Turbulence injures five on flight from Houston to New York

According to CNN, on Tuesday night around 8pm  a flight took off from Houston for New York. As per usual, about thirty minutes in the flight attendants stood up and started beverage service. Evidently, a couple of other people took that as their sign to take off their seatbelt. And then massive turbulence shook the airplane, causing people to literally fly out of their seats, hit the ceiling, and slam back down. Five people, three of which were flight attendants, were injured so severely that the plane had to make an emergency landing in Louisiana and those people had to go to the hospital. OMG. Around 2am a replacement flight crew arrived, and the flight finally made it to La Guardia at 6am.

Friends, this is just one more reminder, the second in just a couple of months (remember the pilot who got disoriented after a nap and took the plane for a dive?). PLEASE leave your seatbelts on whenever you’re seated. And even if the FAs are up, if the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign is still on, it is not time for you to get up! As a pregnant woman sometimes it’s hard to wait, but it is the safest thing to do. Also, if you travel with lap children (which now scares the heck out of me), make sure you are holding on to them tightly!

This so reminds me of that movie “The Day After Tomorrow.” I’m just glad the injuries weren’t worse! Stay safe out there.

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  1. One of the FA’s according to further updates, had a broken hip and had to undergo emergency surgery.

  2. When I was doing wilderness rescue, a broken hip was usually a sign to check for spinal injuries too. The hip is one of the strongest bones in the body. The attendant either hit at just the right angle or hit hard (or both). Blood loss is a potential complication from this so the decision to abort was the right one.

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