The tale of the giant pillow

Friends, being pregnant can interfere with your packing plans. Now this may not have been everyone’s experience, but it was certainly mine. First, it was wondering if I would be able to lift my suitcase into the overhead bin. Then, it was checking my suitcase for a two day trip. And it all culminated with taking an entire extra suitcase on my recent vacation to Mexico. Was it holding extra clothes, or other important items? Nope. It was holding my maternity pillow, a giant U-shaped body pillow. Seriously? you might ask. Yes!! This pillow has helped me immensely–I sleep better when I have it, and my back hurts way less the next day, so why not take it on vacation? Of course, I didn’t realize quite how much room it would take up. I had planned on it filling half of my large suitcase, and then filling the other half with more typical items—clothes, snorkel gear, etc. Well, that’s not exactly how it turned out. It took a struggle to squeeze it into my largest suitcase, with absolutely zero room left over. Wait I take that back—I was able to fit a small bottle of vitamins into the outside pocket. And that’s it. It was so hilarious (and so unlike me!) that I had to take some pictures.

Just to give you some idea of how huge this pillow is, here is the Home Warrior holding it up. If he were to put it around his neck, it would go all the way down to his knees.

a pillow shaped like a neck

Here it is, partially compressed into the largest suitcase we own. You know, the one I usually use for two week vacations….

a bag with pillows inside

And here is the suitcase successfully closed, ready to travel to Mexico with the pillow inside!!

a hand giving a thumbs up on a pink suitcase

Walking through the airport was pretty funny—I pulled the largest suitcase, which happened to be incredibly light, while my husband pulled the two much smaller, but MUCH heavier suitcases. We did get some strange looks, but oh well.

After this, I have promised never to make fun of Home Warrior’s packing again. Even the fan.

Readers, what is the craziest thing you have ever packed? Or seen someone else pack?

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  1. Next time try putting it into one of those Space Bags (The one’s where you suck/roll all the air out of) and that should help with getting it into the suitcase.

  2. You can ask for as many pillows as you want at the hotel – just leave the big one at home and make up your own “nest”

  3. @Nancy–great tip! I will try that next time.

    @Terri–nope 🙂

    @Elwing–I do that on business trips, but I never feel as good the next day as I do with my pillow….

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