Hotel Review: Hyatt Place

These days, there is no shortage of hotels aimed at the business traveler. But just because a chain says they know what road warriors want doesn’t make it so! One place that gets it right—Hyatt Place. You can tell they know what works for business travelers from the moment you step inside. The nice people at Hyatt Place gave me a room for the night in their Austin location to check out the hotel and new a.m. Kitchen Skillet breakfast.

Room. The room was large and incredibly comfortable. It’s divided into two sections—a sort of living/work space with a kitchenette, and the bedroom/bathroom. In the living area, the sectional sofa had more seating than I have at my own house—it was huge! I sat there for a while working, and really enjoyed it. There was a lot more room to spread out than normal. The king size bed had plenty of pillows (yes!!) and was nice and supportive. The bathroom was nice, with a cool wallpaper and large walk in shower.

Green features. In all new Hyatt Place properties built, there is some type of energy management system in place. In the particular location I visited, you have to put your room key in a slot by the door in order to control the AC. When your key isn’t in there, the AC automatically goes up a few degrees because it knows you’re not in the room. This does two things—it keeps your key in a handy spot by the door so you never forget it, and maintains an efficient temperature in your room. It’s very cool.

Technology. Hyatt Place hotels offer free wifi all around the hotel, including your room. They also have a business center with computers and printers, or you can hook your own system up to a printer if needed.

Outside. There was a gorgeous pool that I (sadly) didn’t have time to enjoy. Next time, though, I will make it a priority! For those with energy to burn, there is a nice workout facility as well.

Breakfast. I loved the new a.m. Kitchen Skillet! A definite, tasty improvement to their breakfast setup.* (Check out my full review here.) There is also a selection of snacks available in the gallery, as well as bar offerings.

Service. All of my interactions with the staff were efficient, quick, and courteous. Just what a tired road warriorette needs after a long day!

*I don’t think the a.m. Kitchen Skillet is available in all locations yet, but should be soon.

All in all, I had a great stay at the Hyatt Place. Plenty of room to spread out in a comfortable, attractive space, free wifi, and delicious food—what more do you need?


  1. Stayed at one recently in Orlando. Exact same layout. In fact, I looked at the pictures first, and thought your review was from the location across from MCO.

  2. Is there a separate tv for the bedroom area? It looks like the placement would make it very awkward or maybe even impossible to see the tv from the bed?

  3. I stayed in a hotel in china with this “green” feature and hated it. I was in southern China in the middle of the summer, and the AC turned completely off whenever I removed my card which meant that returned to an almost 90-degree room. Not ok. I also forgot my card almost every time I left the room because I normally keep my card in my wallet. Also a pain. I started leaving the extra cards I got from having to get a replacement room key in the slot, but the maids took those. Next I tried a rewards card that I wasnt concerned about losing. The maids didn’t take it, so I was able to keep the key.

    Green is great, but only to a point. Many places in China don’t have effective AC. It was pretty annoying that I chose my hotel for its luxuries and repeatedly had to figure out a way around having them taken from me. This would obviously be a different situation if it hadn’t been 100+ degrees outside or if the AC only shut off partially rather than completely.

  4. HP has its place, and the EMS and hot breakfast are definite improvements. But have they ditched the noisy, windy bedside wall AC units for central air?

  5. <>
    This is everywhere in China! The only difference is that the air-conditioning shuts off completely when you pull the card – so there’s kind of a musty smell when you come back in.

  6. Referring to:

    “In the particular location I visited, you have to put your room key in a slot by the door in order to control the AC.”

  7. That card system is everywhere in Europe I’ve been (France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal), and it’s like the system described in China: all electricity to the entire room shuts down. I learned to carry expired gift cards, expired calling cards, anything which has the same size as the room key card which has no value. I put that card in the system and carried my room card with me.

  8. Hyatt is my company’s preferred hotel, so I’ve been in Hyatts all around the country. We can stay in Regencys or Grands, but I always pick Hyatt Places. THey’re the best. Would stay there with family, too. LOVE the breakfast.

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