Poll: What’s your favorite domestic first class meal?

a small container of yogurtA few months ago I was lucky enough to have all my flight segments for a multi-city trip upgraded to first class. Woo-hoo! The best part, of course, is the extra space. Being pregnant, I couldn’t enjoy the booze (lame) and I’m always hungry, so the second best part was the food. Since I traveled at all different times of the day, I got to try out breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was my first time to have all three meals in a short time span, and allowed me to compare them more equally. The verdict? Dinner is definitely my favorite. It’s hard to mess up pasta, so that’s what I usually order. Add a buttered roll, a perfectly fine salad, and tasty dessert—what’s not to like? Breakfast is my second favorite. I really like cereal with fresh fruit! Lunch was the worst. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever had a plane lunch (domestic) that I’ve liked.  The only redeeming part was the pita chips. All of these meals were on American—I haven’t flown first class on other airlines in a looong time so I don’t remember their food.  But I am definitely curious to what others think, so take the poll!

What’s your favorite domestic airline meal?

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  1. A couple of extra servings of ‘warm nuts’ and several glasses of their best cabernet sauvignon, my favorite eye shades and I can sleep until I land and can get a good meal!

  2. The meals vary drastically from flight to flight but the warmnuts are consistently good.

  3. i was on a flight late enough in the evening that they didn’t serve dinner but served just dessert. our options were warm cookie or ice cream sundae. i asked if i could have my cookie with the sundae on top, and they obliged. YUM.

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