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a car driving on a roadTexas has finally cooled down a bit. This week we have sunny skies and temps in the mid-eighties. Woohoo, fall is here! It makes me dream about driving around the hill country, enjoying the scenery and lovely weather. This, in turn, has got me thinking about cars in general. I love, love, love my Prius. But I also love being able to try out different cars when I’m traveling. Of course I usually have to take whatever my company allows—I’ve spent a lot of time in Ford Focuses (Foci?) and the like. But I’ve also been lucky enough to get randomly upgraded on a pretty regular basis. Most memorably I’ve driven a Dodge Charger (that baby has some power!), a Mustang (bright yellow, not subtle), and a convertible Beetle (because in beautiful California, why not?).  If I had to choose a favorite, I’d choose the Charger, as it was super fun to drive.

So, because I’m curious, and in honor of our current contest, I want to know what type of rental car you would choose if it were up to you (and not company policy). If you want to leave the specific model in the comments that would be great!

What type of rental car would you choose?

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  1. I actually enjoy.minivans. I like the height & space, cockpit layout and gets better fuel.economy than SUVs. For longer drives from airport to site, they are nice and comfy. I’ve been happy with the Edge & Avalons too. Must have satellite radio,.whatever I get. I belong to Nationals Emerald.club so love picking off the lot myself.

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