We have a winner!

Thank you, everyone, for entering the contest to win a Traveler Truth Prize Pack from National! The winning truth, as chosen by National, was from carwag25:

Number 1 rule for me is never forget my driver’s license and/or passport. I drove two hours to the airport once and when the ticket agent asked for my ID, I realized that my driver’s license was two hours away. Thankfully I pleaded with the gate agent and showed every credit card, club card, blockbuster card, and business cards that I had, and they allowed me to get on the plane.

Great tip! And good story. I would have been freaking out if that happened to me…. Congratulations!


  1. I’m not sure if this is true, but I heard that if you took a picture of your ID and had it on your phone that it would work. I believe police only need to the ID number to look you up, but I wouldn’t risk it if I could.

  2. Follow up question to this post and contest, when should the credit show up in our National accounts?

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