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A recent study done by Concur (an expense management company) found nearly 90% of business travelers use apps on their trips. They also a poster of a cell phoneshowed 62% of travelers use apps every single time. Not a surprise to me!

Some interesting specifics:

  • Airline apps (44 percent), map apps (41 percent) and hotel apps (30 percent) top the list of the most-used travel-related apps.
  •  Expense reporting apps are used by 43 percent of business travelers, despite more than 80 percent of travelers who cited expense reporting as a major pain point of business travel.
  • Nearly a quarter (22 percent) of business travelers use five or more business travel-related apps during their trips.
  • Thirty-two percent of travelers who are on the road at least three times per month were found to use five or more apps, compared to just 13 percent of those who travel less than two times per month.

On every single trip, no matter how short, I use TripIt, the app for whatever airline I’m flying, the maps app, Facebook (because I use it every day!), multiple news apps, and often The Weather Channel. I do not currently use an expense reporting app.

Readers, what apps do you use on your business trips? Five or more?

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  1. I use TripIt, several airport apps (MEL Airport, SydneyAirport, iChangi) as TripIt doesn’t notify of gate changes for flights outside the US, various hotel apps (Agoda, Hilton, SPG), Skyscanner, OnTheFly (app for itasoftware’s fare search site), xe Currency, Transit Maps and CityMaps2Go.

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