A Dangerous Hat

a blue and yellow knitted hatOn Monday I went to Nashville for the day. I was very excited to have some time to knit, as having a full time job and a three month old does not lend itself to much free time. My latest project is a hat for a friend’s three-year-old son, and on the way up to Nashville I got most of it done. On the way back I needed to work on shaping the crown and the top, so I got out my double pointed needles. (For you non-knitters, double pointed needles are exactly what they sound like—needles that are pointed on both ends. Here is an example.) When the flight attendant came through to do her final seatbelt check, she paused for a second next to me. I was half expecting a “What are you making?” Or “How cute!” But no. She said, “I’m going to need you to put that way for take-off and landing.”

Whaaaa? How many flights have I been on, with how many knitting projects—like 100? Often times I am using my double pointed needles. I have never, ever been asked to put away my knitting. What’s next, I’ll have to put away my book? My co-worker and the guy sitting next to me were equally confused. But since you have to do what the flight attendant says, I put it away and immediately fell asleep.

Readers, have you ever had a flight attendant tell you to put away something that seemed ridiculous?


  1. I had a similar exchange a few years ago on a plane. The flight attendant was very rude about it, too. It doesn’t make sense to me; would they make me put away a sharpened pencil, as well?

  2. I am guessing you were asked to put them away because they could be hazardous as a projectile if the plane experience dturbulence or worse (after all, there are points on both ends). It is the same reasoning applied to the other objects we are asked to stow.

    It is not likely to occur, but possible. I actually understand this particular request. I just wish the rules were consistently applied.

  3. My kindle. I get annoyed when they ask me to shut that off….A kindle without a data connection gives off as many frequencies as a brick does.

    Also, why cant I use my ipad/iphone if its in airplane mode? Why bother having an airplane mode?

  4. I once had a flight attendant that would not allow anyone to put personal belongings in the seat back pocket. I know they say laptops can’t go in there. But she wouldn’t allow even books or water bottles. Had never heard that one before and haven’t heard it since!

  5. I think I’ve commented about that happening to me before. It only happened once but it was so weird. Why can’t I knit during take off and landing?

  6. I had a flight attendant tell me I couldn’t wear the small wallet/purse I keep strapped diagonally across my chest, that in an emergency I could choke on it. I said I am a frequent flyer and nobody has every had a problem with it and she said that unlike other flight attendants, she cares about her passengers. Good grief. It was a small plane and she was the queen of it.

  7. I’ve had only one flight attendant ever ask me to put my cross-stitch away during takeoff (but not landing – on that same flight). I mean, the needle is sort of sharp, but too small to trigger a metal detector much less poke anyone.

  8. I,too, am annoyed when instructed to turn off my Kindle and put it away (when it is most needed). I always turn the wi-fi off on a plane, and without the wi-fi, it is no different from a paperback book. The first time it happened, I just put it away because I didn’t know how to turn it off!

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