Answering Readers’ Questions: Sweater Boots!

A reader wrote:

Where can I get those Steve Madden knitted boots featured in your article about not getting your best shoes ruined?  Love them!

I love them too! I got those Steve Madden knitted boots three years ago from DSW. Obviously they don’t have those exact ones anymore, but I found their latest version, as well as a few others.

This seems to be the latest version of the Steve Madden boots I have, at DSW in black for $44.95 in limited sizes.

Here is a cute, similar pair from Target, also in black, for $34.95.

This pair from Amazon is available in black, gray, and brown, for $21.99.

I would definitely weather proof these boots before wearing them out in the elements—I just used Scotchgard. Oh, and these are NOT rain boots, even if they are weather proofed. I wore them all over Chicago and other wintery places in the snow. They scrunch down when you’re wearing them, and are super warm and cozy. Hope you enjoy them!

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  1. As a guy I can see why you wear them in the snow but if you regress to wearing them to Walmart in you PJ pants you are a walking fashion disaster IMHO.

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