I love Go On

Hope you all have had a fabulous holiday!!

For some reason, I don’t have the patience or temperament for dramas right now. I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy religiously, but have no interest in it now. Maybe it’s because I have less time, or maybe it’s because they killed off a bunch of people I like. Either way, I seem to want to watch happier, shorter shows. The Home Warrior and I have been catching up on past episodes of Parks and Recreation, watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory, and I have found a new show that I love.

In full disclosure, I am a HUGE Friends fan, have seen all the episodes, and can pretty much relate every issue in life to a Friends situation.  Now that that’s all out there, I have to say: I love Go On. Matthew Perry is hilarious, and not in an entirely Chandler-esque way. The story lines are funny, but go a little deeper than your average sitcom. The basic tenet is that Matthew Perry is a sports talk radio host who lost his wife recently. In order to get back to work (which he desperately wants to do) he has to go to a loss support group full of interesting personalities. Shenanigans ensue.

I look forward to the show every week, and caught up on several episodes during my recent trip to El Paso (hooray Hulu Plus!). Hope it stays around for a while!

Here is the beginning of my favorite episode:

The most recent 5 episodes are available on regular Hulu, and the whole season is on Hulu Plus.

Readers, what are you watching these days?


  1. Not a fan of the Big Bang theory but we enjoy rules or engagement and the show til death on Netflix streaming. Not sure these are on Hulu though,

  2. Love Go On and Big Bang as well. I’d suggest adding “Hot in Cleveland” to the mix as we love that one too!

  3. I LOVE Friends! So, I will have to check out Go On.
    BTW, my favorite Friends episode is the Ken Adams one. Is that the most hilarious episode or what?!

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