Love these navy pinstripe trousers from Gap!

a woman wearing a wide leg pantsA little over a year ago I posted about my new obsession with navy. I had immediate plans to purchase a pair of navy slacks. But I got pregnant very soon after, and it seemed silly to buy pants I wouldn’t be able to wear. Fast forward a year, and I am back to my pre-pregnancy size (yay!) so FINALLY got my navy pants.

After a careful search, I got the Perfect Trouser Pinstripe Pants in Navy from Gap ($59.95 regular price). Y’all, these are the best pants ever. They are beautiful! The pinstripe is subtle, the cut is perfect, and the quality is very high. The reviews said they run a bit small, so I sized up and they fit perfectly. They are definitely flared, so if slim is more your style then they won’t work for you. They have a bit of stretch, so they are very comfortable and moved well. I was also impressed by how good they looked straight out of my suitcase. Plus, they don’t have to be dry-cleaned. My only problem with them is that they are quite long. If you wear heels that’s great! I don’t wear heels, so I will probably have them hemmed. They are regularly priced at $59.95 but I purchased them during a 30% off sale so they were around $40. A super deal, IMO.

Here’s how I wear navy during travel:

  • No suits. I love navy suits—they are the ultimate power statement. But when it comes to airlines, they are also the best way to be mistaken for a flight attendant. Same goes for navy pants with a navy sweater. The monochromatic look is cute at the office, but you might get asked for a beverage on a plane.
  • Color on top. Navy looks great with a variety of colors—green, yellow, and purple are my favorites. But it also looks great with orange and pink, if they are the right shades. I go back and forth on red—I love the way it looks, but I wonder if it’s too flag-like.

Recently I have been wearing the slacks with a cream colored camisole and my Merona green and cream polka dot cardigan. Love it!


  1. I can vouch for the navy outfit/being mistaken for a flight attendant. As I was settling into my seat for a 13 hour flight to Tokyo, the passenger across the aisle asked me for some orange juice. Because this poor girl looked ill, I had no problem going to the galley and asking the flight attendant – but if it were a self-important businessman asking me to bring him something, I likely wouldn’t be so nice.

    I have since retired my beloved navy blazer on flights – I stick with a brown tweed one instead!

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