Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk Review

After 18 months of research, Hyatt has recently come out with a new array of offerings geared toward the frequent traveler. The new features are tailored to guests’ individual preferences, and include a service providing frequently forgotten items, healthy new menu options, and upgraded bath amenities. Hyatt recently invited me to be their guest at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk so I could check it all out.


a city at night with trees and buildingsThe hotel is incredibly beautiful. It had interesting art and chandeliers, plus huge windows overlooking the Riverwalk. Of course, one thing I hadn’t realized was that I was visiting on Saint Patrick’s day, so there were many folks out celebrating. Luckily, once I got up to my room I didn’t hear anything. Although I swear I’ve never seen so much green clothing in all of my life!

The room was really lovely. The bed was very comfortable, with a good amount of pillows. The desk was large, and even after sitting there for over an hour I still felt good. The armchair and ottoman were awesome. In the evening I turned the armchair around so I could appreciate the best a bed with white sheets and pillowspart of our room—the view. The Hyatt Regency Riverwalk overlooks the Alamo (hugely famous piece of Texas history, for those of you who are unfamiliar), and from our room we could see it really well. So cool!

The bathroom was nice, with the standard granite countertop and huge mirror. It also had a magnifying makeup mirror, which was an a paper in a holderunexpected bonus.

Hyatt Has It service

One of the new Hyatt offerings is an updated version of the standard “Did you forget something? We have it,” service that many hotels offer. Not only do they have the typical razor/toothbrush/etc items that guests can have, they have a huge list of things guests can have, buy, or borrow. For example, while I was getting ready for dinner (at Biga on the Banks—highly, highly recommend!!!) I realized that I had forgotten my curling iron. Normally something like that would end any cute-hair aspirations for the evening, but the a hair curler and hair dryerHyatt now even has items like curling irons that guests can borrow or buy! Other examples are makeup wipes, yoga mats, baby products, lint removers, Woolite, a wine opener, computer and phone chargers, and more. They bring it right to your door! This was awesome, and I think will be very useful to travelers moving forward.

Healthy, balanced menu offerings

a plate of food with meat and vegetablesAnother new feature is the healthier, smaller portioned menu offerings. Guests can choose from a variety of dishes that include a protein, grains, and vegetables, available in two sizes. Everything is in season and locally sourced when possible. All of the options sounded very delicious, and I went with the chicken breast, jasmine rice, and grilled veggies. It was so good! It was very tasty, didn’t weigh me down, and it felt like I was doing something good for my body, very different from your typical room service fare. I also tried a mango smoothie, which was fantastic.a tray with a few toiletries and a towel

Upgraded bath amenities

The toiletries in my room were by KenetMD, and were amazing. These products have a cult-following, and for a good reason. My hair and skin felt so smooth after using them, and I totally have the shampoo and conditioner in my shower at home right now.


a group of baby productsThe service at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk was incredible. I let them know I was bringing the Mini Warrior, and they had a Pack ‘n’ Play waiting in the room for us, including baby toiletries. Everyone we encountered, from the front desk person to the housekeeper to the room service delivery person was gracious, helpful, and seemed happy to be at work.

During the 18 months of research the Hyatt did to prepare for these new offerings, they talked to hundreds of women travelers to find out what was important to them on the road. I think the new Hyatt experience will make road warriors and warriorettes alike have an easier, healthier time when they’re away from home. My experience was great (as have all of my Hyatt stays), and I recommend the Hyatt hotels to everyone!

Don’t forget about the contest—you can win a free night at any Hyatt Place in the US!! Today is the last day to enter, and the winner will be announced tomorrow.

Road Warriorette was given a night free of charge in order to do this review.

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