Long flight comfort bag

After my post a couple of weeks ago about my upcoming trip to Manila, I got a few questions about what exactly is in my “comfort bag.” For domestic flights, it’s pretty simple—lip balm, tea bags, Emergen-C, and Splenda. For international flights, especially trans-Pacific ones, I still take all that stuff. I just also have an additional bag with all of my extras. Here is the list:

  1. Face Wipes (Yes to Cucumbers)
  2. Eye cream (Arbonne)
  3. Face moisturizer (Arbonne)
  4. Wisps (disposable toothbrushes)
  5. Hand lotion (Aveeno)
  6. Hand sanitizer (Germ-X)
  7. Deodorant (Secret)

These are the items that I have found take up the least amount of room, but have the biggest impact on making me feel fresh during long flights. You don’t even have to go to the lav to use most of it! Everything fits perfectly in a Ziploc bag. Here it is all spread out:

a group of personal hygiene products

Here it is in the bag:

a bag of toiletries and other items

Readers, what goes in your long-flight “comfort” bag?

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  1. What made you pick manila? I dont get to read much about it a blog. I grew up there thats why I am curious.

  2. I throw in a couple of pairs of socks and some semi-disposable spa slippers. No running to the lav in socks or having to put on my shoes.

  3. I have also found vaseline to be handy on transpacific flights over nap time.

  4. OTC sleeping pill to help me sleep. Lifesavers or another hard candy- I normally don’t eat them, but given how dry the plane is, I find I crave them. Instead of lip balm and hand moisturizer, I pack a small tin of L’Occitane’s shea butter – works for hands, lips, just about everything! Love the Yes to Cucumbers wipes as well.

  5. Those are some really great items in your bag. I’ve never thought of having a comfort bag. I think in mine I’d definitely have a toothbrush and toothpaste, hand lotion, face wash (my face is SO oily after air travel) and ibuprofen.

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