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purse closedThe personal item is the most important bag you take on a business trip. Yes, a suitcase may have all of your clothes and toiletries, but those things are replaceable. The information kept in your laptop, cell phone, and any work-related documents in your purse or briefcase would be much more difficult to replace, which IMO makes it more critical.

What exactly do I keep in my bag when traveling, in addition to the items mentioned above? I like to keep it simple, and only keep the necessities handy. I (try. I promise I try to) clean my bag out before every trip so I’m not carrying around receipts, old boarding passes, or other unnecessary junk. This way I can find everything I need, when I need it.

  • Normal purse stuff.  Of course I have my wallet, with my ID, credit cards, and money, as well as my lipstick, keys, and sunglasses.
  • Boarding pass. In the outside pocket so it’s easy to grab.
  • Kindle. It used to be a book (or two or three), but now that I have the Kindle my purse is much lighter. Hallelujah! For those of you who haven’t been converted into fans of ebooks, a book or a magazine will work just fine.
  • Chargers. I keep my phone and computer charger in my purse for easy access.
  • Pashmina. I often use it as a blanket or pillow on the plane, and a scarf once I arrive. It has also served as a swimsuit cover up and a substitute towel. The one I use now is from Old Navy, very similar to this one.
  • Knitting. Just because I love to knit! I don’t always feel like working or reading, and knitting is a great way to pass the time.
  • Notepad. I love writing lists, and my little notebook holds them all. I have to keep it around in case I have a stroke of brilliance!
  • Office supplies (in a small bag): pen, highlighter, wireless mouse, binder clips, flash drive, headphones with microphone.
  • Comfort items (in a small bag): Emergen-C, lip balm, tea bags, Splenda, ibuprofen, tums.

Here are all of the items that go in my purse on my bed:

purse stuff

And here is my purse, all packed up!

purse packed

My purse is the Lo & Sons O.G. in black, although now that they’ve released their new Sky Blue version I am VERY tempted.

Readers, what do you keep in your purse or briefcase?

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  1. for business travel, it’s my usual work bag – messenger style. laptop, chargers, wallet, pens, notebook, headphones, chapstick, empty metal water bottle (to fill at the airport), keys, kindle, phone, tissues (great for sniffles and as a napkin for on-the-go-eating) and envelope to keep all my receipts.

    i should really bring hand sanitizer/lotion.

  2. @Terri Yes! Hand sanitizer is something I keep meaning to put in there. I always have it for international trips.

    @Marie In the US knitting needles are not a problem. Internationally I’ve heard it varies by country.

    @New Girl When I travel for leisure I definitely bring less stuff.

    @Mr. Cool I don’t take valium with me, but for international flights I sometimes pack some Ambian 🙂

  3. So I actually just got this bag in sky blue. For me, it was a fashion risk and now I worry that the color maybe doesn’t look as professional as maybe the black or army green. I bought this bag for business trips but now I’m nervous that the color will look too immature as a business travel bag when i walk into meetings. Thoughts?

  4. @Melissa I also have the bag in Sky Blue. I will be writing my official review next week. But what I can tell you now is that unless you are in a crazy conservative office, this bag will be just fine. It is bright, but every time I’ve gone to any of the offices I visit I have gotten tons of compliments from random people. I love the color so much! But if it makes you self-conscious to the point where you think you won’t use it, then you should return it. I had the black one for years and loved it as well. I was just ready for a more colorful bag. 🙂

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