Vino Volo at DFW is awesome

When I think of great food, I don’t often think of airports. There are only a handful of places where I’ve had memorable meals, and just a few that I actually look forward to. Most airports are a wasteland of fast food restaurants and lackluster chains. That seems to be changing though. I’ve noticed a concerted effort in many airports to improve the quality of their food offerings, and it makes me very happy.  Recently, I’ve had a great wine flightsushi meal in Miami, a killer (killer) lobster roll in Connecticut, and without fail, every time I go to the Nashville airport I go to Swett’s/Whitt’s for the meatloaf (omg it’s so good). Now I have another place to add: Vino Volo at DFW in Terminal A.

Half of Terminal A was closed down for a long time while DFW completed a slew of upgrades. Among those upgrades include at least three new sit-down restaurants: Ling and Louie’s, The Salt Lick, and Vino Volo. Chains, yes, but nice ones. When my flight this week was delayed over an hour, I headed down the terminal to check them out. I had plans to go to Ling and Louie’s, but got distracted by Vino Volo on the way.

I love wine, and a wine flight along with some tasty grub seemed like the perfect way to spend my unexpected extra hour at DFW. Vino Volo’s wine list is extensive for an airport, representing many varietals and various parts of the world. There were at six different flights available, and I went for the California Kings, with three big reds. Each one was full bodied and incredibly tasty, and I will definitely be looking up the Zinfandel dessert(Trinitas Cellars) when I get home. In addition to the wine, I had the prosciutto, brie, and fig jam sandwich (which I stupidly did not take a picture of). It was the perfect compliment to my wine flight. I finished off the meal with the flourless chocolate torte, and couldn’t have been happier.

Before this week, if I had an hour to eat I would head to Terminal D. No longer! Now I will head to Terminal A. IF you’re in DFW with an hour to spare, and you love wine, go to Vino Volo! You will feel like you’re in a real restaurant with real food, not an airport with thousands of people. It’s located across from A17.

Readers, where was your most memorable airport dining experience?


  1. Don’t be such a tease! What airport and restaurant in CT had the great lobster roll? Our travels take us to BDL (if that’s the right airport) fairly regularly and it would be nice to have this option.

  2. Glad you found a Vino Volo, which has outlets in several airports. I’m always happy to be at the airport early and mind a delay so much less when I can settle in at a VV. You had two of my favs, the CA Kings and the brie/fig jam sandwich.

  3. The new hang out for those of us that are loosing Lounge Status in 2014. A great alternative.

  4. Ha, D’Angelo’s is a New England chain that does the lobster roll promo most summers.

    And as for Vino Volo, this from the Washington Post: “The eight-year-old wine bar was recently named the second-best airport bar or restaurant in the country at which to have a date. The honor was bestowed by a dating Web site called, which works like this: If you know you’ll have extra time before your flight, you provide details and match yourself with another member who also has time to kill.”

    Strange but true.

  5. Whoops, my last comment was supposed to note that the VV at Dulles outside DC earned that second-place spot, not necessarily all the VVs. But any of them are great pre-flight spots to stop – alone or on a blind date, I suppose.

  6. I used to think Vino Volo was the best but Cru at the new Love terminal in Dallas is even better!

  7. Good to know! I went to The Salt Lick the last time I had time to kill in A, but it was sadly misrepresentative of the actual restaurant in Driftwood that I grew up going to.

  8. I happened to be in DFW the week terminal A reopened! Like you, I was SUPER pumped at the joys of a wine flight and a tasty small plate snack. I always used to head to terminal D as well. So glad A has such great options now since that’s typically the terminal I fly through!

  9. Loved this place. Went to the Denver one and fell in love. Great food. Great wine and no kids. Sorry parents but I needed a quiet place to eat and work and while kids were allowed I heard they didn’t get hardly at all.

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