Business Travel Roundup

Checking into news from the past week…..Here are some stories that caught my eye.

Yikes. American Airlines flight attendant trainee found on the no-fly list. From NBC News.

5 urban legends of business travel destroyed, from the Jacksonville Business Journal. (Side note: While I found the article interesting, I don’t feel like any of revelations are things I actually think about. My top 5 myths of business travel were very different.)

Little Pink Book explains why you shouldn’t wear pajamas while working at home. I agree with the sentiment, but my typical work-at-home outfit is very different from their suggestions.

After drinking 5 glasses of wine in 90 minutes, a first class passenger became so disruptive that Delta had to divert a flight. (Chris McGinnis says she will probably blame it on the Ambien. Hah!)

And in totally non-travel related news…..Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman? I have to think about how I feel about this.

Readers, any good stories come your way this week?

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