Poll: Who is your favorite hotel family?

We’ve talked about our favorite airlines before. Certainly, flying is a big part of business travel. But hotels are pretty important too. I am curious about which hotel families travelers like the best. I usually stay at Hilton hotels, for a couple of reasons. First, there are Hampton Inns almost everywhere, and I can count on a fairly reasonable standard of service, even in some of the tiny towns I visit. Plus, Hilton Hhonors allows you to double dip with your chosen airline, so I get bonus points with American for every stay. However, redeeming points is getting more expensive, which is frustrating. My mom really likes IHG, and has a ton of points from Holiday Inn Express. And a lot of people I travel with prefer Marriott. Clearly, it runs the gamut! So which one is your favorite? Feel free to add why you like one brand over the other in the comments.

What is your favorite hotel family?

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  1. I’ve moved all my stays that used to go to Marriott, over to SPG. Love the 4pm late checkout! I’ve have made out well on their promos and Green Choice options. And treated really well to boot! I made plat this year and on my way to 75 nights. Feel like I get so much more with 75 nights with SPG than Marriott.

  2. Biased since they used to be a client, but Omni. Love the free wi-fi and morning beverage that comes with being at Select Guest member, and the free nights!

  3. My first choice would be Hyatt, if there is no Hyatt on my destination I will love for SPG.

  4. I would add Kimpton as a strong competitor to this list. Coverage is not broad, but they have a presence in many major cities and excel at customer service.

  5. After being Platinum with Marriott for several years I moved all my stays to Starwood. I have a total of 0 (ZERO) nights with Marriott and 62 with Starwood.

    Starwood has hotel brands that reflect my lifestyle.

  6. another kimpton fan here. san francisco, chicago, NY, seattle, and DC seem to be the biggest cities that they have multiple properties. and i’ve never been disappointed.

    runner up for me is starwood.

  7. Another vote for Omni. If they have properties where you are going, they have a great loyalty program. Free morning beverages, wifi, pressings, shoe shines, etc., guaranteed availability 24 hours in advance, late check out, free nights, free upgrades. Love.

    Second choice is Starwood.

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