Top 5 Travel Accessories

Top five lists can be so hard, but they make you think about what is really necessary. Of course I need clothes, a wallet, and a suitcase. But what are my necessities, besides my literal, actual necessities?

Here are the five things I can’t travel without.

Top 5 travel accessories

Pashmina. Combination blanket, scarf, pillow, napkin, and colorful accessory, I never, ever travel without a pashmina. They are available in all kinds of colors and fabrics, and at virtually any price point.

Kindle. Reading is my favorite way to pass the time, but books are heavy and bulky. E-readers are the perfect solution! My Kindle has saved me on many delays, flights, and long waits.

Noise canceling headphones. Crying baby? Chatty seatmate? No problem! With noise canceling headphones, you hear only what you want. Definitely helps me get work (or relaxing!) done in transit.

IPhone. Some people definitely love their Droid phones, but I personally am on team iPhone. In addition to the obvious phone calls, I check email, listen to music, work, surf the internet, play games, and manage my travel from my phone. Can’t leave home without it.

Lip balm. Dry airplane air and climate changes leave my skin dry, especially my lips. To combat the problem I try to drink a ton of water while I’m traveling, but I often just need a boost. That’s when I reach for my Burt’s Bees lip balm. I somehow always have two or three in my purse, just in case.

And all of these go in my lovely Lo and Son’s OG.

Readers, what are your top five travel necessities?

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  1. I agree with the Kindle! Can’t travel without it anymore. I prefer cheap ear plugs to noise-canceling headphones since they allow me to lean my head against the window on planes and still rest comfortably.

  2. Empty water bottle – to fill up and stay hydrated.
    Magazine- for those precious all electronics off moments
    Hand cream- everything gets dry on a plane, and its soothing.

    And since I can’t stop at five, my iPhone, a headlamp (it surprisingly comes in handy), face wipes to give you that fresh feeling after you’ve had a long flight, wet wipes to wipe around your seat (I try to do what I can when i travel to prevent illness), emergenc c drink packets, a few Advil in a contact lenses case, and an energy bar (you never know when you’ll find yourself far from food. Its great to have just in case, I also sometimes keep those a pack of Justin’s honey or almond butter).

    I keep this in an easy to grab eagle creek medium size pack. I also travel with my lo and sons, and on the off chance there’s space in the overhead, I’ll grab this pack and keep it with me in my seat, and out the og up top.

  3. I agree with all that has been said so for but I would add for my international travel I would say the following:

    A pen as there are always forms to fill out or someone who has forgotten one.

    Also it means I can write in my notebook which I carry round for when I cant use my kindle.

    Travel sickness tablets because although I love to travel just walking on the jet-way makes me queasy.

    Mints or something to suck on to combat my ears popping.

    And for the upcoming winter season sinus medication as I had a cold for the first time traveling last month and it was agony. I have now learnt my lesson.

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