Cute shoes in the winter

In Texas, it can get very cold. Don’t laugh, I mean it! Last night it was 25 in central Texas.  North Texas was even worse. However, we don’t often have the snow problem. While it will snow in some parts of the state, we tend to just kind of shut everything down when that happens, so there’s no worry about what to wear to work when it’s snowing. In other parts of the country, snow happens regularly and it’s just something you deal with. How on earth do those people get dressed in the morning?

We’ve talked about outfits to wear in the winter, complete with shoes. But when there is snow on the ground, it’s not like you can just put on socks with your ballet flats and walk outside. There are tricks to this! It’s not hard to figure out, but people who don’t deal with snow regularly don’t have the background.

Okay, here’s how it works. Get some snow boots that are water repellant and have good, grippy soles. If you have to walk in them for any distance, make sure they are also warm and relatively comfortable. Put your cute shoes in a tote bag and carry them with you. Once you get to your destination, change out of the snow boots and put them in your tote.  There are definitely some lovely boots that could double as work boots, but it’s possible they would be too warm inside the building so YMMV.

I usually bring a foldable tote so it doesn’t take up much room in my suitcase. I also wear my snow boots in the airport, again to save room in my suitcase. However if your boots are complicated to put on and off don’t do that. Here are a few options:

snow boots and tote

From left to right: I wear a pair of incredibly comfortable Ugg boots that I sprayed with Scotchgard. My sister that lives in New York has a very cute pair of Sorel boots. The ladies at Corporette highly recommend the La Canadienne Berkley. Whichever pair you choose, put them in a foldable tote like this one from Crate and Barrel once you arrive at the office.

Readers, what do you use for snow boots?

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  1. I wear my hiking style lace up snow boots to work. Then put on my work shoes once I get to the office. My one desk drawer is purse and shoe storage. Currently three pairs of shoes live at the office.

  2. LOL! 25, very cold?

    It was -47F (yep… and that’s without even considering wind chill… it was really -47F) yesterday in *southern* QC, Canada. 😉

  3. I bought a pair of Aquatlia boots this year–the Rhumba. It’s a suede leather boot that is waterproof and beautiful. Wear them in the rain and mud and wipe it off. And comfortable!

    They have a 3.5 inch heel with a quarter-inch platform. The calf circumference is narrow so very attractive on the leg while keeping out snow and rain outside.

    I highly recommend these boots 🙂

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