Outsmart the Airlines!

As we have all probably realized by now, the airlines have figured out how to charge us for just about everything, with no plans to stop. With fewer, but fuller flights, and those a la carte fees, airlines are making more money than they’ve made in a long time, at the travelers’ expense. That makes it even more important to make sure that you are getting the best deal, and doing as much as you can to save money. CNN has a great article right now with suggestions on how to, as they call it, “outsmart” the airlines. The key takeaways:

  • Check out Delta’s new Online Auction System. You can sign up ahead of time to get bumped, and it sounds like you can name your own price and see if they take it.
  • Buy your tickets on Tuesday afternoon, and fly Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday.
  • Take the earliest flight you can. This will minimize delays.
  • Travel light. Not checking bags can save you over a hundred dollars round trip.

A few that I would add:

  • Bring your own pillow and blanket, if you think you will need to sleep.
  • Bring your own non-liquid food items. I have brought tuna kits (to eat in the hotel room, not in the plane, don’t worry!), granola bars, cut-up veggies, a sandwich, and string cheese in the past. Saves money, and helps you eat healthier too!

Good luck!!



  1. Have to agree, there has to be some travel etiquette when it comes to bringing food other people cannot stand the smell of.

  2. I’m just getting into this whole millage thing. What flight time should I select to get my best chance of getting a bump? I fly our of CLE. Is there any hope? I travel for pleasure now, but looking for a job that will put me in the air….like my brother who is the Atlanta’s “Ryan Bingham”. Really!

  3. A nice article, and it’s all true, but nothing groundbreaking. Would be nice if the author did some research on more obscure tricks and tips; this article was probably written in about 5 minutes.

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