Business travel news round up

Here are a few of the stories that caught my eye this week. There were quite a few, as I had plenty of time to read on my long flights…..

Good news for international travelers who want to shop at duty-free shops. You can now bring your booze back home in your carryon, provided it’s still in the tamper-free packaging. Via CNN.

USA Today asks if frequent flier status is still worth it. My answer: absolutely! They also show how to get discounts on travel, even if you’ve already bought.

Washington Post shows some of the crazy stuff reporters are seeing in Sochi. That yellow water! Wow.

Feds warn airlines about possible toothpaste bombs, plus a would-be hijacker is now in custody. Via NBC News.

Corporette has a great post about what clothes to wear if your weight fluctuates.

Not sure if you should become a mentor? Ms. Career Girl has a rundown of the benefits.

Travel Fashion Girl has a list of accessories to bring on every trip.

Intrigued by the idea of a 4 hour workweek? The Brazen Life has a different perspective.

Daily Worth has some suggestions for makeup that will help you beat the winter blahs. I feel spring coming already!

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