Business travel news roundup

A few of the news stories that have caught my eye in the last week or so….

American plans to implement Main Cabin Extra on US Airways. Works for me! Via Fox News.

According to the Savvy Stews, inflight sex crimes are more common than you would think. Scary!

I am relieved to hear that the House is taking steps to ban in-flight cell phone use. Via NBC News.

Points and Pixie Dust gives a good overview of Aloft hotels.

Working Mother talks about “breadwinning mothers”. (Hat tip to Corporette)

Career Girl Network lists five ways you can mess up your retirement in your 20s.

The Brazen Life has five pillars to help your career make serious progress this year.

Daily Worth rounds up 17 apps that will help cut monthly bills.

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  1. If I hear one more traveler (business or otherwise) say the word scary I’m going to puke. It is just not that scary on a plane, in a hotel, in a cab – in life. What is recent infatuation with being scared? UGH. Be bold or stay home.

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