Outfits that go from the office to the golf course

One of the things that struck me while at the PGA Merchandising Show is how guys’ golf clothes are basically business casual work clothes with different shoes. Slacks and a polo, or add a sweater vest if you want to be fancy. For ladies, it’s a completely different story: golf clothes look like athletic clothes, and there is very little that would be office appropriate.

This causes issues on two fronts. First, it might feel awkward to wear revealing clothes with coworkers. Second, it would take a woman more time to change into golf clothes than men, perpetuating a stereotype of women being high maintenance. That may not be an issue for all, but it certainly can be for some.

There are plenty of barriers to women to golf, especially in the corporate setting. It seems that clothes shouldn’t be one of them! I have searched all over for some work appropriate golf outfits, and I’ve put together two around skorts. There are some pants that would work too, but you have to judge the material to see if it would work for the office.

I looked for skorts that were longer, near knee-length, as well as performance shirts that don’t look like work-out gear. The nice thing about the various pieces below is that in addition to being cute, they will pack extremely well. All of the golf accessories are pretty small (except for the bag, of course). The shoes can be worn off the course as well as on.

Office to golf course

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Golf Accessories:

Readers, do you find it hard to pack for golf outings on business trips?


  1. Very good point about women’s golf attire vs men’s, but those outfits??? :). Changing clothes real quick into whatever we consider normal golf clothes is no big deal.

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