Travel bag of the week: Anne Klein Luggage Signature Tote Bag

Starting today, each week Road Warriorette will feature a travel bag that hits all of the high notes for ladies on the road: pockets, construction, and (of course!) style.Anne Klein tote

One of my plans for this year is to do a post every week focusing on travel necessities, starting with that all important piece: the travel bag. And so, I introduce you to the “Travel bag of the week”! This week’s bag is a lovely neutral tote from Anne Klein’s luggage line. The construction is solid, there are tons of pockets, the laptop pocket is padded, and all of the reviews on Amazon are stellar. I think it’s beautiful, would coordinate with everything, but is more exciting than basic black. It’s available on Amazon for $50 (down from $100).

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  1. @Liz That’s an interesting point. 2.1 lbs sounds like a lot, but after a (super quick) check of comparable purse/laptop bag combos it seems about right. The Lo & Sons OG (the purse I love and use all the time) is 2.2 lbs. This really freaking adorable Ogio bag is 1.9 lbs. And this lovely and classic McKlein weighs in at a hefty 4 lbs (whoa). It seems like it would be difficult to fit in all of the protection, pockets, and padding that travelers need and weigh much less than 2 lbs. I am definitely going to do more research though.

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