Packing for two climates

Packing for two cities in the same trip is not always easy, and can be especially tricky when the cities are in completely different climates. That tends to happen a lot this time of year, when the southern states are mostly transitioning to warmer temperatures and the northern states are still cold. In a few weeks I will be going to Raleigh and New York in the same trip. Raleigh will likely be in the middle of spring, but it will still be cold in New York. Being a light-packing fanatic, I can’t just pack two separate wardrobes!

My cornerstone pieces will likely be a pair of navy slacks, a black patterned dress, and my pink cropped pants. In Raleigh I’ll wear the slacks and crops with light blouses and finish all my outfits with ballet flats. In New York, I’ll change to sweaters, coats, tights, and boots.

Outfit Posts is hosting a link up party this week talking about this very thing: taking one piece and figuring out ways to wear it now (or in the cold) and later (or when it’s warm). I picked the pink crops for this example, because I love them so much and they make me feel like it’s spring no matter the season. (I’ll do a full packing list in the next couple of weeks.)

Wear it now, wear it later


  • Pink cropped pants (Ann Taylor)
  • Black tee (Old Navy)
  • Black long sleeved-cardigan (Target)
  • Black, pink, and turquoise scarf (Old Navy)
  • Black boots (Zappos)

Warm weather

  • Pink cropped pants (Ann Taylor)
  • Black and white blouse (Macy’s)
  • Nude flats (Steve Madden)
  • Yellow statement necklace (Etsy)

Hooray link up party! And hooray spring.

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

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  1. I love how you styled the fun bright pants for the cooler weather! It’s easy to think of them for warm weather but they’re not obvious for cold. Yay for packing light!

  2. Thank you for following up on my question from a few months ago! Have to say the 2 extreme climates (1wk winter, 1wk tropical) was really hard on my planning. But I managed to get 2wks of clothes, etc., plus work stuff into 1 carry-on suitcase and my OG bag b/c of your blog. Whee!

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