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In addition to writing my blog, I also love reading blogs for fun and for research. There are close to ten that I check every day, and Corporetteway more than ten that I read weekly or so. They fall into a wide range of categories, including fashion, beauty, business, travel, and sites for professional women. Here are my top five fashion sites.

Corporette. It’s no secret to anyone that reads Road Warriorette that I love Corporette. She gives great clothing suggestions for professional women, but she also shares a lot of very helpful professional advice.Outfit posts

Outfit Posts. This is one of the first fashion/OOTD (outfit of the day) sites that I started following regularly. MK puts together accessible, realistic outfits for work. She’s also a fellow business traveler, and regularly posts packing capsule wardrobes for trips.

Travel Fashion Girl. This site definitely spans across both fashion and travel. While not business oriented, she gives a lot of great packing advice and excellent travel accessories.

Hello Gorgeous. I get so many great ideas about how to layer unexpected clothing pieces from Hello Gorgeous. At one point I looked at my Pinterest outfits board and realized that nearly Hello gorgeousone-fifth of my pins were from her, and I had to start following regularly.

Stylish Petite. This is another blog I found through Pinterest. I love her feminine professional outfits, which are lovely without veering into church-lady territory.

Readers, what are your favorite fashion blogs to read?


  1. Thanks for the great shout out! I love your blog and read you daily as well! Yay for idea swapping!! MK

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