Packing list for two climates

A few weeks ago I participated in a link-up party on Outfit Posts. The theme was “Wear it now, wear it later,” which I interpreted to mean “Wear it in cold weather, wear it in warm weather.” Now, one would hope that as we march toward April there would be more warm, and less cold. Alas, that is not the case. While spring is starting to appear in many of the southern states, up north it is still snowing on a regular basis, including earlier this week.

Any business trip with more than one leg is likely to take you through some very different weather. This calls for a special type of packing. You don’t want to bring everything under the sun, but you need to dress appropriately for the climate. In a few weeks, I will be going to North Carolina and New York, and here is my strategy and packing list.

Layers. Layers are great for packing for so many reasons. They add interest to your wardrobe, you can create more outfits with the same pieces, and (most importantly for this scenario) you can adjust your temperature by adding or taking away.

Shoes. Luckily, there’s no need for a pair of snow boots in New York (phew!) but since I’ll still be walking outside I need to stay warm.

Packing cubes. I’ll need my winter coat for the first portion of my trip, but not once I head south. I plan to bring an extra packing cube so I can compress it and keep it in my suitcase.

Packing list:

  • Brown dress
  • Gray pants
  • Mustard skirt
  • Green sweater
  • Floral blouse
  • Chambray shirt
  • Nude flats
  • Brown boots
  • Brown tights
  • Yellow necklace
  • Yellow scarf

Packing for two climates

The brown dress can be worn with the sweater or chambray shirt on top, with tights and boots, for cold weather. On warmer days, wear it alone with a colorful necklace and nude flats.

The gray pants can be worn with the sweater and chambray shirt layered, or with the blouse for warmer temps.

The skirt can be worn with the blouse and chambray shirt. Nude flats are great for warm weather, or add tights and boots when it’s cold.

As always, there are far more outfits that can be made than when I show here. Add a winter coat, and you will be set for any weather!

Readers, how do you pack for two climates?


  1. I prefer to go shopping and buy what I need. I’ve done this with a trip to Florida. Just pack under garments then go shopping at Bealls. But it wouldnt work well in New York when all the spring and not winter stuff is in.

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