Beauty Monday: Wear a hydrating mask on a long flight

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Several months ago I was having lunch with an esthetician friend, who gave me some fabulous advice. Every time I fly internationally my skin is parched when I land. I drink lots of water and moisturize in flight, but I can’t combat the dry airplane air. My friend suggested that at the beginning of my longest flight I massage in a hydrating mask. While it may feel heavy initially, it absorbs into the skin throughout the flight. By the time you land, your skin is dewy, pliant, and most importantly, hydrated. I can’t wait to try this on my next trip to Manila!

When I told the Home Warrior about this tip, he asked me to please request that ladies don’t use colored masks, as they may frighten someone waking up on a long haul flight. Duly noted! This Lierac Soin Eclat Express Moisturizing Mask is designed to be worn for up to 24 hours, was named “Best Face Mask for Dull Skin” by Real Simple, and appears to go on clear.

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  1. I LOVE this tip and will be using it for our flight to Hawaii next month! I use the mask I’ve linked below at home. I will wash off my makeup while my son is taking a bath and put this on to wear while I am getting him ready for bed and putting him to sleep. By the time I go to bed (a few hours later) my skin is so soft and I put my night cream on and go to bed. I think it would work perfect for a long flight and also goes on clear:

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