Beauty Monday: Nude flats

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A year and a half ago I got a pair of nude (for me) flats. They have been my go-to shoes since then, my absolute favorites, and I first wrote about how nude flats with holeswonderful nude flats are last year. Why are they so great? A number of reasons. First, they are neutral enough to go with any color. I wear them with black, brown, navy, gray, and any color. This definitely simplifies packing! Also, they look great with both dresses and pants. The peachy pink color looks nice with whatever pants I wear, but since they are nude-for-me they make my legs look longer when wearing skirts. Finally, the shoes I got (Steve Madden Heaven) were incredibly comfortable.

It’s fair to say that I have worn these shoes on every trip I’ve taken in the last 18 months, and unfortunately they are basically destroyed. I noticed before my trip to Manila last week that I have literally worn holes in the bottom (pictured). Whoops!

So now I need to get a new pair. My first instinct is to get a pair exactly like the ones I have, but then I wondered. Is there a better brand out there? Something else I need to try? I decided to turn to you, my brilliant readers, to see if there are other options out there.

Do you have nude flats? What brand and color? Do you love them or hate them?

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  1. After spending a lot of time looking for some comfortable nude flats, I bought these a few weeks ago: . They were the most comfortable shoes that I tried on–light and cushioned. They are perfect for general everyday wear. The only thing I wouldn’t use them for is some serious walking because I need a better arch support for that. Aside from going for the European comfort shoe look, I couldn’t find anything better!

  2. I love my French Sole Zeppa flats. Their Sloops are also very popular. However, I can’t wrap my head around the whole nude-for-you thing; I think it looks odd with dark clothes, so I have the Zeppas in black.

    And yes, they are part of my long-haul travel uniform.

  3. I 2nd Zepp a French Soles. Just used mine in Seattle. It’s my go to shoe.

  4. Upscale: Roger Vivier “Chip” flats
    Moderate: JCrew ballerina
    Casual: Superga

    Lots of good choices!

  5. These are my go to travel shoes: Puma Zandy I have them in black but also in a more neutral taupe. They are sportier but also have mesh for breathability, and more arch support. Actually they are more feminine than they look, and very soft. I recommend them esp if you are going to do a lot of city walking.

  6. I have a workhorse pair of Bloch ballet flats in nude – but size up! They run small. They are very cute and very comfy, and I’ve walked all over NYC in them.

  7. For those that suggested it…I think these are beyond resoling 🙂 And believe me, I wear my shoes into the ground too!

    I think if these are working for you, why not buy another pair? They look like a great, versatile shoe and you already know they are comfortable.

    For shoes in general, I have had great luck in the comfort department with shoes (flats, heels, etc) made by Coach. No…not with obnoxious “C’s” all over them, but understated simple designs that wear well in terms of both comfort and durability.

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