A few ways to slow down

It seems like I’m always in a hurry.  Whether it’s rushing to get to a meeting, eating my lunch as fast as I can, or quickly filing 7-3-14-1through security, there are lots of opportunities to make bad decisions when rushing around during travel.  Those bad decisions can lead to slowing you and others down, which is the last thing you need when time is not on your side.  Here are things to avoid doing while traveling to limit slowing others down.

Over pack a carry-on bag to avoid checking.  No one wants to wait for their checked bag at their destination, but that’s no excuse for carrying on a suitcase that is clear too large. Either pack less or deal with the results of checking your bag (pictured is  a nice carry-on bag that fits within airline guidelines).

Getting in line before you’re called to board.  Whether it’s because you’re excited about your trip, not paying attention, or just following the herd, don’t get up to board before your group is called. Hovering near the gate makes it harder for the current group to board, slowing the process down for everyone.

Sitting at a table in a busy restaurant to work.  If a restaurant is busy and you’re done eating don’t continue to sit and work, taking up a table that other larger groups could be using. I realize travel is stressful and getting out of your hotel is essential, but try moving to the bar where you’ll take up less space or go to a restaurant that’s less crowded.

Traveling sick.  If you’re sick please don’t travel.  Reschedule for another time and go to the doctor! These days there’s a lot of pressure to work through sickness for the needs of the business, but you’re going to get others sick if you fly while ill. Nothing slows down people more than a nasty virus!

Using your phone after you’re told to turn it off.  Flight attendants have a lot of pressure to get everyone to their destination on time.  Your email or phone call can wait.  Flight attendants can be rude sometimes, I agree, but rules are rules and if you are breaking and ignoring them you are being inconsiderate to your fellow passengers. The flight attendants have much better things to do than to treat you like a child.

Shuffling through your stuff.  Whether it’s in security, at check in, during boarding, getting off the plane, or checking in at the hotel, try to get prepared for those events before you proceed.  There’s nothing more frustrating than standing behind someone who is shuffling through their wallet or purse looking for papers and identification because they didn’t take the time to organize.

Bringing fireworks through security (I’ve heard of this happening).  Travel has enough fireworks, please don’t travel with them.  Have a happy 4th of July!


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