Beauty Monday: Refresh with face wipes

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During the hot and sticky summer, long travel days can get rough. Add in travel delays and overcrowded airports and things can get uncomfortable fast. I can’t really help with late flights and hoards of people (except recommend an eReader, stat!) but I have found one thing to help with feeling icky during travel: face wipes. They don’t take up much room, and wiping the travel grime off my face makes me feel like a new woman. It’s also great if I’m headed to the hotel late at night. Instead of falling into bed without washing my face (and feeling guilty the next morning) I can clean my face while driving. Refreshing and time saving, all at once! I love Burt’s Bees for just about everything, including their wipes with white tea extract.

Readers, do you use face wipes? What is your favorite brand?


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  1. I use waterproof mascara because of my contacts, (and summer heat)Do you have any wipes that will remove WP mascara? I purchased boots No 7 wipes, that are great, but they don’t work on log wearing fundation, or waterproof mascara.

  2. I use Pond’s “Evening Soothe” cleansing wipes and I absolutely love them. They take off my waterproof eyeliner and mascara, along with makeup and grime. They smell great too.

    My only complaint with all these wipes is that toward the end of the pack, the sticky cover stops sticking, and I can’t close the package properly. I end up throwing it in a ziplock (no big deal), but I wish the manufacturers would figure that one out.

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