Cool travel app: MiFlight

The Home Warrior discovered MiFlight on one of his perusals through iTunes, and I have to say—it is very cool. The premise is that7-10-14-3 users will update the list of wait times in the app whenever they go through airport security. This way travelers will know how much time they need to allot, rather than show up and hope for the best.

It is a beautiful app, well designed with lovely photos and helpful airport maps. Many large airports are represented (SFO, DFW, JFK, etc) but smaller ones (including AUS and SAT, two near me) are not. Also, because wait times are entered by users it’s possible for a lot of time to go by between updates. For example, I typed in MNL (Manila) and the last update was from a week ago.

So it’s not perfect, but MiFlight has a ton of potential. I figured I would do what I could to get the word out, because the more people using it the more accurate it will be!

Readers, have any great travel apps you’d like to recommend?


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