TSA Blunders

Normally when I write posts with titles about airport security, it’s usually the TSA that has made some ridiculous mistake. Alas, this time it 9-24-14-1was me.  It’s like I had never flown before in my life!

Since we were going to be in Las Vegas for a couple of days before the conference started, we decided to bring some wine and therefore check our bags on the outbound trip. Coming home, we had finished the wine and didn’t feel like waiting in line to check our bags so decided to carry-on. It would have been totally fine except for a few things.

During the Boarding Area conference (BAcon) we were all given small bottles of water. I thought I drank my two, but it turns out that there was one stuck in the bottom of my purse that I didn’t see before going through security. So of course they had to search that bag.

Then I put my suitcase through. This was the first time for us to fly with the Home Warrior’s CPAP machine, and since I’m a much more efficient packer than him I put it in my suitcase. I didn’t realize it had to come out at security, so of course they had to search that bag.

After that the Home Warrior put his backpack through. Nothing came up! Hooray.

Finally, the Home Warrior put his suitcase through. We thought we were all clear on his bag…but no. Apparently he brought a giant container of sunscreen that I didn’t know about. So of course they had to search that bag.

For those of you who are keeping track, that is three out of our four bags that got searched coming home. That has never happened before. The bottom line: big purses hold lots of stuff but you can’t always find everything. CPAP machines have to come out of your suitcase at security. And the Home Warrior will always bring more stuff than me.

Readers, have any issues going through security lately?

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