Awesome low-tech solutions to travel problems

We hear and see airports and airlines making technological advancements all the time.   We’re always looking for technology to take us to the next level and to solve our problems.  If technology can’t fix a problem, then what can??  Turns out technology isn’t always the answer.

Recently I read a story about an airport testing a new way to avoid deadly bird strikes.   One would think there would need to be some special radar system, or some other type of technological breakthrough to prevent these bird strikes.  Think again.  Dayton International Airport is simply growing their grass taller to try and fix the problem.  Their idea is that by growing the grass tall it will deter the birds due to their fear of predators hiding within.  A big problem possibly being solved just by letting the earth do its thing?  Pretty amazing.

Then yesterday I saw a story about KLM using a very technologically advanced method to reunite passengers with items they leave on the plane: a highly technical dog named Sherlock.  Flight attendants find items that passengers leave on the plane then give it to good ol’ Sherlock to sniff and track down the owners in the airport.  Be sure to watch the YouTube video of Sherlock in action.  It’s pretty awesome (also you might cry a little. I won’t judge.).

I love technology just as much as the next person, but after hearing these stories it makes me wonder: how much are we overcomplicating travel with technology?  I mean, do we really need this helmet that Airbus put in a patent for to make our flights more enjoyable??  Is it necessary to have a robot valet parking service at the airport??  It’s almost comical to read sometimes.  In an industry literally driven by technology we certainly aren’t going to see these advances slow down (nor do I want them to), but that doesn’t mean that every solution has to have a technological answer in order to succeed.  The solution may only be a seed away.

Readers, have you seen any low-tech solutions to travel problems lately?

ETA: It has been brought to my attention that KLM dog story is not complete truth. Whyyyyyyy?

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