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A friend of mine just returned from an extended stay business trip.  He rented a car for this trip for several months, but the problem is that he never took the time to sign up for the rental car rewards program. Facepalm. (Luckily he did register for his hotel rewards program is now Platinum Elite with IHG. Still!) I hear about this happening far too often—someone is unsure of where or how to find the rewards program information so they just….don’t do it. For a normal short trip or two this wouldn’t be the biggest deal. But my friend was gone for almost six months! My mind can’t even compute all the points that he missed out on.

So in an effort to avoid this happening in the future for any of you, here is a list of the most common reward programs in the US with links to their sign-up page (and additional information, if on a different page), including airlines, hotels, and rental car companies. If I missed one that you use often, please list it in the comments!

Rental Car Companies


Hotel Chains

Readers, did I miss any? Do you have a sad story about how you missed out on a ton of points by not signing up for a rewards program?

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  1. Lots of programs will issue credit if you sign up within a certain amount of time after a trip – worth looking into!

  2. I’m one of the guilty! I don’t sign-up on those programs simply because I don’t know where to do it in the first place! This is helpful not just for me but for others who are as guilty as me!

  3. Kimpton Hotels. GREAT reward program, quirky boutique-type hotels in many major cities. They are my go-to hotels in NY and Chicago.

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