Three affordable carry on suitcases under $200

Is it possible to find quality, affordable suitcases? Reader K asks…Delsey hardside

I just got a new job where I have to travel for work a couple of times a month. All of my current suitcases are old and terrible quality so I definitely need a new one. However, I’ve been out of work for a while so my budget is pretty small. Can I get a good suitcase for less than $200?

Great question! When looking at luggage, it seems like the sky is the limit. If you want a high quality, expensive bag then you will have endless options. Budget-friendly carry ons are available but to find a good one requires a little more searching. Here are three that I found:

OGIO Tarmac. My first bag was an OGIO that cost about $175. It lasted for seven years, traveling with me all around the US and the world. This is the newer version of that bag, on sale for $136. It has plenty of pockets, very solid construction, is easy to navigate, and only weighs 6 lbs (2 lbs less than mine!). One of my favorite things about OGIO bags is the wheels—great for going up and down curbs and across bumpy surfaces.

Delsey Helium 2.0. A lot of people love hardsided bags. I’m not usually one of them, as they usually don’t have pockets on the outside and don’t expand well. This bag takes care of both of those issues, with a large exterior pocket and two inch optional expansion. The reviews are extremely positive, it has plenty of internal pockets, and I love the purple color. Available for $119.

TravelPro Inflight 22”. TravelPro is a popular choice with business travelers, for good reason. The bags are solidly constructed, last a long time, and are easy to navigate. This version has plenty of room for a week’s worth of clothes, plus it comes with a removable suiter. $169 on Amazon.

Readers, do you have an affordable carry on you can recommend to Reader K?

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  1. I purchased my last carry-on for $6 at Goodwill in August.

    Then again, I am not trying to impress any work colleagues with my travel style and appearance.

  2. The entire Delsey Helium line has pretty much been a godsend to me. I have the smaller carryon, as well as a selection of the largest suitcases. I’ve had them packed as heavy as 90lbs per piece on a 36-hours-each-way international trip several times and they have performed amazingly.

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