MomsPumpHere: Great app for moms trying to find a place to nurse or pump

When preparing for my first business trip after maternity leave one of the parts that required the most planning was momspumpheremaking my plan for pumping on the road. It is really not easy, and involves all kinds of prep work. Figuring out where to pump was simple for most of my trip—either the car or my hotel room—but I knew I would need to pump during my trip home, and I had no idea where.

Timing wise I would need to pump during my two hour layover in Phoenix. I’ve seen pictures and heard horror stories of people pumping in airport bathrooms. If I had to I would do that, but I was really hopeful I could find a better place! Enter the app MomsPumpHere. This app will find a nursing room either by GPS location or by searching city, state, and zip. I put in the address for the Phoenix airport, and lo and behold there is a designated nursing room!

The app gave me specific instructions on where to go. It was pretty simple to find the room, although it was outside of security. I was able to pump in a secure, private space, then go back through security with plenty of time to board my flight. (Note: PHX security was actually really awesome about me going through with all of my breastmilk. They did the extra screening quickly and carefully, and were very helpful and cheerful about the process.)

One of the nice things about this app is that you can leave a review of the pumping room. For example, the Austin airport website says there are two nursing rooms. But a mom who recently tried to find them found out they were just the family restrooms, and were not marked as nursing rooms. This update was added to the listing in the app.

There is also a website with even more features.

Readers, have you found any new helpful apps lately?

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