Review: EMME Petite Travel Toiletry Bag

Two and a half years ago the company that makes EMME travel toiletry bags sent one to me for review. Up to that point, I had been bad-mouthing zippered, hanging toiletry bags as too big, bulky, and unnecessary. The original EMME bag changed all of that for me, and I’ve used it, img_8859and loved it, on literally every trip I’ve taken since then. (40? 50? Wow it makes me tired to think that many work trips!) When they came out with a newer, smaller version, I was excited to try it out and see how it compares to the original.

The EMME Petite is considerably smaller than the original at 10.5”x6.5”x3.75”. There are two small pockets, two short but long pockets, and two larger pockets, plus a detachable clear plastic pouch and detachable solid black pouch. All of the pockets are clear so it’s easy to see where your items are. It’s expandable, so if you stuff it full you can still close it. Just like the original it is a tri-fold bag that zips around the edges to close.img_8860

The pockets are similarly placed to the original, but they are smaller since the bag is smaller. This meant I had to do some re-configuring for where my toiletries went. But honestly, it made me cull out what I wasn’t actually using, and it perfectly, exactly fits the things I use on every trip. I’ve used the Petite on three trips so far, including one week-long trip, and I’ve had everything I need. In fact, because fewer things fit in each compartment it’s easier for me to find the item I’m looking for. It had been a loooong time since I cleaned out my travel toiletries, and my liquids bag was stuffed to the brim with extras. Now that I’ve gotten only the essentials in there, it feels so much neater and more efficient.

In case you can’t tell from the photos, here is what I have in there, starting from the top:

  • Contact lens case and extra razor bladeimg_8861
  • Full size razor
  • Full size deodorant
  • Rubber bands, q-tips, bobby pins
  • Spare contacts
  • Tinted moisturizer, face and eye lotion, concealer, highlighter
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion
  • Contact lens case with face wash in it
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (hidden in the black pouch)

I have a separate makeup bag as well.

img_8857One thing: I wish the Petite came with all of the awesome tiny containers that the regular EMME comes with. Those are amazing, and I am still using some of them. (Editor’s Note:  EMME shared that to keep the cost of the bag below $30, they had to exclude the bottles.   They do have plans to offer an accessory pack in the near future)

Something that makes this bag work so well for me is that I have TSA Pre-check, and don’t have to remove my liquids bag from my suitcase. (Of course, even when I didn’t have Pre-check I never took my liquids bag out….) There is a detachable plastic bag for liquids, although it’s smaller than the one quart maximum. If you need to remove your liquids bag while going through security you just need to be strategic about what you pack in here. However, if you don’t, for domestic trips of 1-2 weeks, the EMME Petite is perfect. All of the necessities, none of the extraneous junk! For longer trips or international travel, the regular EMME is the better size. Another option: get the EMME Petite and the full size clear pouch, which will hold enough liquids to last for months.

Don’t worry–the original EMME still gets a place of honor in my travel gear, and I plan to use it for all of my longer trips and international travel. But for all of my shorter trips the EMME Petite is my new favorite.

Readers, if you want to try out the EMME Petite use coupon code ROAD for 20% off!  The EMME Complete Set (both the Original and the Petite) makes a great gift item this holiday season for the road Warriorette in your life as well.


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  1. I recently started using a similar sized and shaped toiletries and I love it too! Perfect to force me to travel as light as possible. I put make-up in the top smaller zippered pouch, then dry things in the middle (cotton wool pads, small bar of soap in a tiny plastic box, a few hair grips and bands) and all my usual toiletries in the big section, in mini travel bottles. For longer trips where I need more stuff I use a separate pouch for my liquids, but for a night or two this size toiletries bag is perfect!

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