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FullSizeRenderThe right travel bag can make your business trip so much easier, just like the wrong one can wreck it. I have had more than one purse break during transit so am very particular about the bags I choose to haul around the world. Several years ago I was introduced to Lo and Sons, and the O.G. is still my favorite work and travel purse. However, sometimes a backpack just makes more sense than a purse! When I found out that Lo and Sons had released a backpack called the Hanover, I knew I had to try it out. Here are my thoughts.


The first thing I noticed when I picked it up is how light it is. IMG_9582My O.G. has a ton of fabric and zippers, and has a good heft even when empty. But the Hanover feels like a puffball in comparison. A lot of it has to do with the fabric–the O.G. is made of heavy duty nylon, while the Hanover is made out of eco-friendly recycled poly. Initially I was concerned that would make it less sturdy. I was wrong. During my test trips I ripped at it, dropped it, filled it past capacity, poked it with sharp objects, everything I could think of to test its durability. It held its shape beautifully and the fabric didn’t reflect the mistreatment at all.

Looks and functionality

Another important thing about the Hanover: it is incredibly sleek, with clever pockets built in that don’t disrupt the lines. There’s a removable insert inside that will hold a laptop (the website IMG_9584says up to 13”, but my 14” laptop fit just fine) and also has a spot for a water bottle or umbrella. I loved this pocket. In fact I love it so much that I wish there were two so I can have a designated spot for both! There is one large pocket on the front and two small pockets on the sides. Not as many as the O.G., but still enough to stay organized. If you need more space and can sacrifice organization the liner can come out, giving you even more room.

Because it is so streamlined I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to fit all of my normal travel gear, but it was no problem. Because backpacks are, by nature, deeper than most purses, I had to be clever about where I placed my items. Jacket on the bottom, wallet on the top, etc. But everything fit fine, and even stuffed to the brim the backpack kept it’s shape.IMG_9589

One of the great things about the Hanover is its size. Even though it held everything that normally goes in my O.G., it fit easily in the tiny overhead bin of a regional jet as well as under the seat in front of me. And as one would expect from a great travel company like Lo and Sons, it has a trolley strap so it easily slides over my suitcase handle.

Not all backpacks are professional enough for the office. The Hanover’s sleek styling would lend itself well to any office where business casual is the norm. It’s not especially feminine, and would work well for both men and women. In fact, the Home Warrior has already borrowed it a couple of times IMG_9609for various events.

One caveat: I definitely needed a tiny purse or clutch for dinner, as I didn’t like schlepping my backpack around on the town.

The bottom line

Lo and Sons calls the Hanover a ‘minimalist’ backpack, and I get why. It’s sleek, without a lot of fussy styling, and the lines are incredibly clean. But it’s not ‘minimalist’ because it doesn’t hold much; in fact it’s just the opposite. While as mentioned above I had to be meticulous in the way I placed everything inside, I was able to fit the same amount as fits into my O.G.

If you are looking for a travel-ready backpack that fits all of your gear yet is still professional, look no further! The Lo and Sons Hanover is the backpack for you.

Edit 6/8: The Hanover is now also available in a gorgeous navy!!

Readers, do any of you prefer a backpack for your business travel?

Lo and Sons provided the Hanover for review but all opinions expressed are Road Warriorette’s.


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  1. I love my L&S and switched from the OMG to the TT a few years ago. I’ve been considering a backpack so I loved reading this review. Thanks!

  2. I definitely prefer a backpack. In fact, as a digital nomad, I travel with two. One is big enough for my laptop, while the other has a padded compartment for my iPad. I love this one, and was seriously considering getting it. It’s basically two inches deeper than my big one & has the trolley strap, which would be the perfect improvement. However…

    Mine, which is a Pacsafe Slingsafe 300 GII that isn’t readily available anymore, has two side pockets for my water bottle and tea mug. My little travel umbrella can actually fit in one of the pockets with my water bottle, which is a nicely sized 20 ounces. I prefer all of these items to be immediately accessible while I’m on the move, so not having two good sized side pockets is now a deal breaker for me.

    Still, I’d love just a bit more room, or even just the trolley strap. This one by L&S is very sharp looking, and it has everything else, so I’m sorry it’s missing the side pockets. But I’m not giving up. In fact, I just wrote an article for Travel Fashion Girl on great business backpacks, Still didn’t find what I was looking for, though. sigh.

  3. I had seriously considered this L&S bag, but was afraid that it wouldn’t fit as much as I had been used to stuffing into my old Tumi backpack. I had to give up the Tumi because it was so old that it didn’t have a trolley pocket/sling.

    I ended up with this Briggs & Riley:

    The B&R is bigger and bulkier that the L&S, but I do agree with Rebecca about the outside water bottle / umbrella pockets. The B&R has one that zips open/closed, so that it doesn’t stick out when not in use.

    But I would love to be the person that could fit her stuff into a smaller bag – the L&S looks so sleek…

  4. KW, I am considering the TT. Is the laptop sleeve roomy enough for a 13.5 inch laptop? The specs says it will fit a 13 inch laptop and I read elsewhere that a 14 inch device would not fit. Do you think there would be enough wiggle room? Thanks!

  5. I prefer a backpack but I like leather because of its durability. My top picks are the Saddleback Squared Leather Backpack but I’m leaning more towards the Von Baer Lincoln Leather Daypack which is made of quality leather which is not too thick (which I love) at a more affordable price.

  6. I just got the original Hanover backpack at a great sale price. (Lo & Sons have paid attention to reviews and added side pockets to the Deluxe version of this bag.) This will be a great personal item for me. It’s large enough to carry all of the items to which I want easy access on a plane, yet small enough to be manageable and easily fits under the seat. The quality is impeccable as expected from Lo & Sons. The removable insert is a great idea as it allows me to leave items I don’t want to carry around in my hotel room and just use the lightweight backpack as my daybag. I normally use my Lo & Sons O.M. G. bag with a shoulder strap as my personal item but now I have the option to replace it with the Hanover bag.

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