Tips for making airport security easy

For new travelers airport security can be overwhelming. The long lines, the wait times, the changing rules….it can all add up to a confusing mess if you’re not used to it. Here are a few tips for making airport security easy and simple to get through.

Be prepared. Wear shoes that can easily be slipped off and on. Before you get to the front of the line have your boarding pass and ID ready. Also have everything out of your pockets and into your bag. If you are not going through a TSA Pre-check line make sure your liquids bag and laptop are easily accessible.

Be orderly with your belongings. I have found the way that makes the most sense to lay my belongings down is as follows: shoes, purse, suitcase with handle first, bin of laptop and liquids. This makes things easier on the other side of the scanners.

Be quick. Once you get through the machines, immediately go pick up your belongings and get out of the way. I drop my shoes on the ground and slip them on as I put my purse over my shoulder, my suitcase on the ground, and pick up the bin with my laptop. Then I take everything over to a table out of the way before putting my laptop back in my bag.

Obviously this is simplified if you have TSA Pre-check, which allows you to go through security without taking off your shoes or removing your laptop. But the principles are the same! Be prepared, be orderly, and be quick to get out of the way!

Readers, what are your strategies for making airport security easy?


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  1. I feel like anyone reading this blog for work travel should really just get TSA precheck or global entry instead of trying to figure out how to put shoes on after the scanner. They are relatively inexpensive and pay for themselves with time saved.

  2. @Megan I totally agree! Anyone who is going to travel even a few times a year for work should get TSA Pre-check. However it takes some advance planning to make sure you have it in time for your trip, so for those who didn’t sign up in time it’s good for them to know a few ways to make security easier. And tbh some people who have Pre-check still don’t know to pick up their stuff and get out of the way. One of my pet peeves!!

  3. You’re right – it does take some advance planning and some airports don’t even have the TSA precheck line (LGA). Then sometimes there’s that random precheck person who walks through security with $200 worth of change in his pocket. That’s my pet peeve!!

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