5 Gadgets Every Business Traveler Needs

Thank goodness for technology. There are so many gizmos and gadgets that make life easier, with more coming out every day. Same goes for business travel! Over a decade ago when I started traveling for work I carried a cell phone, iPod, camera, books, and a giant computer. These days my travel bag is tons lighter and I’m more productive, thanks to these 5 gadgets every business traveler needs

  1. Power bank. We’re on our phones all day, using them to work, listen to music, play movies, and of course talk. I can go all day without being near a charging source. That’s where my external power bank comes into play. I love my Jackery Mini, but my new favorite power bank is built into my padfolio.
  2. Kindle. I used to travel with four or five books every single trip. Now it’s just my tiny Kindle, and I have hundreds of books at my fingertips. Love it so much and recommend it to every traveler.
  3. Mini surge protector. Want to be a hero in a crowded airport gate or conference? Bust out your mini surge protector and turn one plug into several.
  4. Wifi hotspot. I really, really hate logging onto airport wifi. It’s expensive, slow, and unsafe. I prefer using my phone as a hotspot, as it’s convenient and always with me. My coworker prefers a separate hotspot. Either way, it’s better than the alternative!
  5. Headphones. For normal flights I always have my iPhone headphones with me. That way whether I have a meeting or want to watch a movie I’m covered. In fact, I actually travel with two sets of headphones–the other is an inexpensive set with a regular headphones jack so I can plug into the airplane entertainment if needed. Some people prefer noise-canceling headphones, which I love for longer flights but find too bulky for short hops.

All of these items fit neatly into a small bag that lives in my travel purse. That way I always have what I need!

Readers, what are the gadgets you can’t live without for business travel?


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  1. As much as I love kindle I think you could ditch that and just use the kindle app on a phone or tablet instead. I would also prefer the Amazon Fire 8 over the actual kindle and it’s a fraction of the price of the Ipad of course. Pair the Fire with Vudu or other apps and you also can download movies to the expandable memory.

  2. @DaninMCI I see your point and definitely use my Kindle app on my phone in a pinch. However when I try to use my phone or a tablet to read longer than twenty minutes or so the backlighting gives me a headache. A Kindle is the only thing I can read for hours just like a book. But for people who don’t have my problem, I totally agree! Something that performs many functions is always preferable 🙂

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