Poll: Where do you shop for business travel clothes?

Shopping is seriously the best. Nothing like some retail therapy to cure the blues, the blahs, or anything else that ails you. So let’s talk about it!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where to buy clothes that are business travel friendly. Here’s the (not actually so secret) secret. You can find great clothes for business travel almost anywhere–you just have to know what to look for.

There are a few key features to look for in any clothes for business travel:

  1. It has to be comfortable, preferably with a bit of stretch for easy movement.
  2. It has to be constructed of anti-wrinkle fabric (no one wants to spend their time ironing!)
  3. It has to be professional.

I’ve found business travel clothes everywhere from Target to Nordstrom to the boutique around the corner. Here are some of the other places that consistently have great clothes for my work trips:

For great tops, pants, skirts, and dresses:

You have to be patient, but with luck you will find great stuff. (I love the Pixie pants at Old Navy!)

I’ve got travel dresses from Boden and LL Bean that I’ve worn for years and still look great. The skirts and skorts from Betabrand (pictured, the Work It Skort) are fantastically comfortable and look amazing.

So where do you shop? Do you like the same places I do, or someplace totally different? Take the poll!

Where do you shop for business travel clothes?

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Readers, tell me! Did I miss some amazing place?



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  1. I buy most of my work travel clothes at COS. I love their stuff. Fabrics are generally pretty nice and the products are finished well. They not dirt cheap, but I would consider all of their products very affordable. Also like Sandro. This makes me sound fancier than I am, but if it’s a big, important work trip and the hotel has a pressing service, I’ll ask them to freshen everything up my right when I arrive.

  2. I like Dress Barn, specifically their Jones Studio line. Every thing is machine washable and never wrinkles.
    They also have great unlined jackets and cardigans that can totally change the look of a suit.
    Their shells are wrinkle resistant and wear like iron.

  3. M M Lafleur! the etsuko dresses are wrinkle free, always look professional, and always business appropriate.

    I also like Eileen Fisher crepe ankle pants.

  4. MM LaFleur has an amazing selection of travel-friendly, professional dresses, tops and trousers. No ironing necessary.

  5. Your blog obviuously reaches farther than the US and female travellers. Being a male, European business traveller, I do my shopping for clothes at airports. My favourites are Fashion Value/Æra at Oslo Aiport, Kaufmann at Copenhagen Airport and the clothing store at Düsseldorf Airport. I stopped many years ago buying cheap quality/low price.
    Business travels is heavy on the clothing and will eventually be worn out sooner than «stay-at-home-clothes», so buying cheap quality has so far just been expensive to me, as I need to throw those away sooner.

  6. I like Karina dresses paired with a blazer or cardigan. They never wrinkle and wear like a dream.

  7. I love the Uniqlo merino wool knitwear. I have the V-neck cardigan, a bolero cardigan and a round-neck sweater and my husband has the V-neck sweater. They machine wash and wear really well – two of mine are over 5 years old and still in great condition. Merino wool is great for travelling in cooler weather. It’s lightweight and breathable but warm with either a blouse or simple t-shirt underneath. They seem to resist odours and also don’t stretch out at the elbows, so they don’t need frequent washing. Look out for them in the Uniqlo sales too!

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