My favorite carry-on suitcases

What suitcases do I have the most experience with, and out of those which are my favorite? Reader B asks….

Hi RW! You talk a lot about suitcases and how choosing the right one is so important. I need a new suitcase soon so I wanted to ask you which suitcases you have used, and which one is your favorite?

You’re right! Choosing the right carry-on can make frequent business travel so much easier. In my 10+ years on the road I’ve used four brands, and I can recommend them all without reserve: Ogio, Victorinox, Eagle Creek, and Travelpro.

Here are my favorite carry-on suitcases. Any one of them would be great!

Ogio Layover. I had an earlier version of this bag and carried it all over the globe, for hundreds of thousands of miles, over eight years. I finally wore it the heck out. It’s high quality, will fit an incredible amount of clothes, and it can take a beating. However, it is right on the edge of being too big, so be careful not to overstuff it. Typically it can be found for between $130-160.

Travelpro Crew 11 21” Spinner. This is one of the suitcases I’ve used for the last two years. I love it for a number of reasons. The interior is so roomy that with no problem I can fit enough clothes for two weeks, along with four pairs of shoes and various other items needed for international travel, and it still fits easily in the overhead bin. It is also incredibly light. The maneuverability is unparalleled–the spinner wheels move smoothly around any obstacle. Typically it costs around $170-225.


Eagle Creek Adventure Pop Top Carryon. This is my other primary suitcase, and has been for over three years. For short trips this bag is perfect, as it can either be a full-size suitcase or compress down to half-size. It will fit under most airline seats and even in the overhead bins of regional jets. The price varies but is generally around $175-225.

Readers, what are your favorite suitcases?


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  1. I actually prefer travel backpacks now. Helps keep my back straight. Can you do a review on some travel back packs?

  2. I have the Travelpro 21 inch you posted and it is awesome. I have used it many times. Sometimes airlines internationally make me check it, wish it was about 19 inch, but no issues with most airlines. I highly recommend!

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