My favorite free apps for business travel

a red exclamation markI just love a good, useful app, especially when I’m on the road. Of course I use Facebook, Twitter, and my mail apps, but beyond those there are a few apps make my trips easier or more fun. It’s even better when they’re free! Here’s a list of my favorites.

The free apps I use the most often:

    • Waze. Apple maps is good, but Waze is really, really good for directions, routes, and traffic. It does take up a lot of battery life so make sure you are able to charge your phone while using it.
    • TripIt. Manage all of your reservations in one simple (free!) app. Last year I upgraded to the pro version and it has all kinds of handy features for around $4 per month.
    • White Noise Free. Block out loud hotel noises and sleep like a baby with this free app. I’ve used it on every trip for the last nine years and it is amazing. It also works great with headphones when you’re trying to sleep during flights.
    • Kindle app. If you don’t feel like buying a Kindle and you don’t mind reading for hours on a backlit screen, the Kindle app is free and you can still access free library books.
    • Flightaware. Track your incoming flight. Comes SO MUCH in handy when delays are stacking up.

A few of my other favorites:

Readers, what are your favorite free apps for business travel?


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  1. I have to agree with everything except for one little change:

    TripCase over TripIt – I like the setup of TripCase way more than TripIt and there are more free features than what TripIt offers you. I use it for some of my work trips because they can automatically sync with our corp travel agent since they use Sabre, although I manually add all of my personal trips in as well (which means forwarding the confirmation email to them). There are some good OTAs around that link up with them too.

    Only thing I could think to add would be Skype and GasBuddy – Skype for cheap international calls and GasBuddy for finding cheap gas to return the rental car with on personal trips. Surprisingly GasBuddy worked in Australia (even regional parts) really well.

  2. I like Signal for more secure communication. Also, we used Google Maps a ton this summer, plot out the route beforehand at the hotel while on WiFi, set up the time you want to leave and screenshot your various train/subway connections so you don’t have to use data.

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