Business Travel Tech Gear Under $20

The amount of items that can make you more productive on a business trip is endless. And if you add all that stuff up, it can get pretty pricey! Luckily there are a number of things you can buy for less than $20 that will add productivity and make your trip easier. Here is a list of business travel tech gear under $20 that I use on almost every trip.

  • Power bank. Never worry about running out of juice when you’ve got one of these babies in your bag. Mine comes in handy so often that for longer trips I travel with two!
  • Wireless mouse. Navigate on your laptop simply and easily, without all the wires.
  • Surge protector. A surge protector will award you instant hero status at conferences or in crowded airport gates.
  • International power adapter. A small international plug adapter allows you to easily plug in no matter where in the world you are.
  • Travel keyboard. Work more easily from your tablet with a compact, rolling travel keyboard.
  • Headphones. No space or budget for noise-cancelling headphones? No problem! Earbuds take up a tiny bit of room for a fraction of the cost and will still drown out your yappy neighbor or a crying baby.

So Readers, there you have it. Six items that will help make your next business trip easier and increase your productivity without costing an arm and a leg.

Readers, what business travel tech gear under $20 would you recommend?  


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