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Y’all. It is insanely hot, humid, and sticky here in Texas, and in much of the US. And unfortunately the hotter it gets the less my brain works. I am traveling a lot right now, and I need an easy, no-thinking-required outfit for days when I have to work and travel.

I’ve got a couple of favorite combinations, but they all have some common characteristics: 

  1. Comfort. Oh my, do my clothes need to be comfortable right now. Not just for sitting long periods of time, but they need to be breathable and breezy to help me manage the heat that is all around.
  2. Wrinkle-free. There is literally zero chance that I will get anywhere near an iron right now, considering that they are heat-causing implements. So everything I wear or pack needs to repel wrinkles in a big way.
  3. Colorful. You guys know me, and you know I love color. Some people (like my younger sister) prefer black and neutrals and that is totally fine. Wear the color and patterns that make you happy! Color makes me happy.

My favorite summer business travel outfits 

a collage of clothes and shoes

Outfit 1: Colorful floral blouse + green paper-bag waist skirt + mustard flats

The waistband of this skirt is so incredibly comfy, the blouse is lovely, and I’m obsessed with these flats from Boden. If this much color freaks you out you could easily switch the skirt to navy or black and the flats to a calmer neutral.

Outfit 2: Jersey dress + blazer or cardigan + mustard flats

This dress from Lands End is incredibly comfortable and resists wrinkles like they are the enemy. It is perfect on its own, but if you need to up your formality (or stay warm in overly air-conditioned offices) top it with a blazer or cardigan.

With fun flats, understated jewelry, and a pashmina in your travel purse you are good to go! And mustard is TOTALLY a neutral, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Readers, what are your favorite summer business travel outfits right now?


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a flat lay of hair accessories

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  1. Didn’t realize you were in Texas! I’m in Houston and frequently travel to visit my mom in Atlantic Beach, Florida. She’s 99 and an amazing person. I now travel with a cane (fall due to arthritis after a long flight) and velcro my big bubble umbrella to it. Lots of light attendants have complimented me on it and I have extra protection when the rain is really heavy.

    Since my retirement, I’ve grown my hair out long and can braid it, wear it pulled back at my neck, or put it into a bun. So no longer need a curling iron.

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