Healthy Travel

CDC drops the ball

By now you have most likely heard that a second nurse caring for US Ebola patient Thomas Duncan has contracted the Ebola disease.  The nurse drew blood, put in catheters, and worked with the bodily fluids of Thomas Duncan.  Last Friday the nurse flew to Cleveland to prepare for her wedding, then Monday before her…

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Medications on business trips

a close-up of a package of pills

After my post about packing toiletries yesterday I got a question about how I pack medications. I get it—they can also be tricky to pack! Which ones? Liquid or pill version? Keep them in the original container? Where in your suitcase? Etc. Obviously how many medications to pack is very dependent on one’s situation, but…

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Healthy eating on the road

a building with a sign on the side

It’s not always easy to be healthy while traveling for work. It’s hard to motivate yourself when off your schedule, and long days, room service, and office donuts don’t help! I have definitely fallen off the healthy eating bandwagon lately (as well as the regular exercise bandwagon, but that’s a story for another day). It’s…

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