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Poll: Rude or not?

Readers, last night on a flight from Dallas I witnessed an interesting etiquette situation, and I want to get your take on it. A petite woman had found her seat and was looking for a place to stow her large backpack. Two rows in front of her, a tall guy was muscling his rollaboard into…

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Airlines Consider Charging for Oversized Carry-on Bags

According to a recent article on MSNBC, major airlines are considering charging for oversized carry-on bags. The idea would be to discourage passengers from bringing bags onto the plane that won’t fit in the overhead bin, with the fee around $25. Alaska Airlines is already doing this. (Pictured: Overpacking, courtesy of the Home Warrior.) The…

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Mini TSA Vent

Coming Home from Chicago, Part 3 You guys have already heard about (and given your opinions on) people not pushing their bins and bags through security and not waiting for their turn to board. The final thing that irritated me (although sequentially it was actually the first thing) was TSA. I actually haven’t had nearly…

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